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Class of 2013 Five Year Reunion
you are warmly invited to the Class of 2013 Five Year Reunion on Friday 20th April 2018

at Beaufort House, 354 Kings Road LONDON SW3 5UZ

a welcome cocktail will be served from 6.30 pm with canapés throughout the evening

cost £20.00 per head
a CASH bar will also be available
Dress code: Smart casual

We regret that on this occasion partners and guests are unable to attend

For details on how to book your place, please email omoffice@millfieldschool.com
William Homan (2008-2013; Holmcroft)
Elinor Galvin (2011-2013; Kernick)
Orla McCarthy (2010-2013; Kernick)
Annabel Drauschke (2004*-2013; The Lakes)
Charles Brake (2011-2013; Kingweston)
Russell Greenhill (2011-2012; Joan's Kitchen)
Meg Brown (2004*-2013; Warner)
Hugo Morrison-Corley (2004*-2013; Kingweston)
Charly Perry (2005*-2013; Martins)
Laura Tillotson (2008-2013; Martins)
Nancy Burrell (2008-2013; Warner)
Salaheddin Tatanaki (2011-2013; Millfield)
Mostafa Sheta (2011-2013; Millfield)
Emma Mizzi (2011-2013; Portway)
Alexandra Davies (2005*-2013; Abbey)
Mabel Dilliway (2005*-2011; The Lakes)
Meghan Griffiths (2006*-2013; Martins)
Evie Watts (2009-2013; Overleigh)
Sophia Westbury (2008-2013; Martins)
Olivia Colthurst (2008-2013; Acacia)
Chloe Greenhill (2002*-2013; The Lakes)
Constance Campbell (2008-2013; Southfield)
Emily Atkinson (2011-2013; Portway)
Thomas Barber (2008-2013; Joan's Kitchen)
Dafi Davies (2011-2013; Joan's Kitchen)
Dominic Slacke (2010-2011; Joan's Kitchen)
Dmitrii Prudnikov (2006*-2013; Etonhurst)
Rufus Slim (2008-2013; Orchards)
Charlotte Dakin (2007*-2013; Warner)
Eloise Pegler (2011-2013; Portway)
Abdulazeez Abdulrazaq (2008-2013; Orchards)
Duke Heise (2011-2013; Kernick)
Rebecca Parry (2009-2013; Southfield)
Alexander Ash (2008-2013; Mill)
Annah Morrish (2011-2013; Portway)
Justin Gatt (2011-2013; Millfield)
Ehab El Maghraby (2011-2013; Shapwick)
Tess Gullis (2011-2013; Portway)
Romany Burns (2011-2013; Warner)
Kirsty Newall (2009-2012; Overleigh)
Stephanie Borg Manduca (2011-2013; Portway)
Maxwell Downing (2008-2013; Kingweston)
Anna Barrowman (2008-2013; Acacia)
Olivia Lickiss (2011-2013; Southfield)
Polly Money (2006*-2011; Southfield)
Edmund Lovell (2008-2013; Holmcroft)
Matthew Rose (2011-2013; Butleigh)
Ariana Tan (2011-2013; Southfield)
George Harvey (2008-2013; Keen's Elm)
Olivia Wheatley (2008-2013; Southfield)
Hugo Cundy (2008-2013; Joan's Kitchen)
Jamie Holdom (2008-2013; Orchards)
Zoe Glaysher (2009-2013; Martins)
Emma Mesquita (2009-2013; Abbey)
Jessica Barnett (2011-2013; Portway)
Noah Kelsey (2006*-2013; Holmcroft)
Jessica Strawford (2006*-2013; The Lakes)
William Montgomery (2008-2013; Great)
Timothy Turner (2008-2013; Shapwick)
Albert Gibbs (2008-2013; Butleigh)
Tessa Harwood (2012-2013; Abbey)
Lucinda Taylor (2011-2013; Portway)
Alice Massey (2008-2013; Martins)
Anna Shyshova (2008-2009; Abbey)
Oscar Appleby (2008-2013; Holmcroft)
Alexander Drummond (2008-2013; Holmcroft)
Jessica Boyce (2009-2013; Abbey)
Morten Boardman (2008-2011; Butleigh)
Lloyd Delahunty (2009-2013; Joan's Kitchen)
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