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London Branch Drinks at Barts
Rachele Hayman (1983*-90; Southfield) and Tory Manuel (1983*-90; Portway) warmly invite you to join them for Drinks on Thursday 30th March 2017

at Barts, Chelsea Cloisters, 87 Sloane Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3DW

from 7.00 pm

Welcome drink on arrival, looking forward to seeing you!
(cash bar available)

RSVP: office@omsociety.com
Robert Goodman (1969-1974; Glaston Tor)
Lulu Laidlaw-Smith (1988-1990; Overleigh)
Stephen Norton (1978*-1987; Day)
Camilla Campbell-Stanway (1983-1984; Kernick)
Eleanor Thwaites (2010-2015; Martins)
Edward Matthews (1981-1986; Joan's Kitchen)
Paul Gould (1980-1983; Joan's Kitchen)
Andrew Ellis (1980-1985; Millfield)
Michael Waugh (1956-1959; Kingweston)
Peter Martin (1973-1977; Joan's Kitchen)
John Davies ()
Rebecca Pothecary ()
Jordan Fearnley-Brown (2006*-2011; Orchards)
Lewis Casserley (2006*-2013; Mill)
Elizabeth Swanwick (1979*-1985; Grange)
Natasha Reeves (1994*-2002; Day)
Louise Oakley (1998*-2003; Martins)
Charles Turner (1989*-1997; Etonhurst)
Helena Cotton (1968*-1974; Southfield)
Alastair Niddrie (1980-1984; Orchards)
Kenneth Carter (1955-1956; Day)
Simon Lourensz (1984-1986; Etonhurst)
Andrew Taee (1971-1976; Day)
Kimberley Williams (1983-1987; Southfield)
Victoria Walford (1987*-1994; Day)
Jonathan Macey (1986-1991; Kingweston)
Daniella Orsi (2000*-2007; Martins)
Imogen Bliss (2001*-2007; Southfield)
India Gibbs (2002-2007; ACACIA)
Lucinda Ellen (2001*-2009; Acacia)
Claudia Cooper (2002*-2009; Southfield)
Lajla Turner (1984*-1991; Southfield)
Emmy Tayler (1990-1993; Acacia)
Richard Lewis (1976*-1983; Holmcroft)
Esigbemi Omatseye (1978*-1984; Acacia)
Ian Rees (1986-1988; Millfield)
Duncan Wilde (1988*-1999; Holmcroft)
Andrew Heath (2006-2008; Holmcroft)
Emily Walker (1999*-2008; Acacia)
Natasha Hulse (2004-2009; Martins)
Miranda Wyatt (1998*-2006; SOUTHFIELD)
Victoria Dearborn (1972-1974; Grey House)
Oluremi Williams (1998*-2005; Joan's Kitchen)
Alexandra Read (1983-1985; Chindit)
David Lewis (1972-1976; Mill House)
David Rigg (1964-1966; Kingweston)
Jan O'Brien (1970-1971; The Cottage)
Kate Beaumont (1982-1987; Acacia)
Sally Stevens (1985-1987; Overleigh)
Susan Rumball (1969*-1976; Southfield)
Julliette Clancy (1974-1977; Ashcott)
Rachel Raffety (2008-2010; Martins)
Celia Dowson (2006-2010; Martins)
Alica Waldie (1987-1989; Kernick)
Laura Wynn (1995*-2006; Day)
Jeremy Mai (1985-1986; Hollies)
Ashley Hawker (2003-2008; Warner)
Adam Farhadian-Griffiths (1993*-2000; Edgarley)
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