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Class of 2009 Ten Year Reunion
Please join us on Saturday 6th April from 4-7pm at the Prince in London (www.theprincelondon.com) for the Class of 2009, 10 year reunion (the first drink is on us)!

RSVP omoffice@millfieldschool.com
Hannah Brown (2001*-2009; Warner)
Olivia Bryant (2004-2009; Warner)
Stephanie Dampney (2007-2009; Acacia)
William Fuller (2004-2009; Etonhurst)
Matthew Gordon (2004-2007; Butleigh)
Nicolas Huzella (2004-2007; Butleigh)
Inigo Kelsey (2004*-2009; Holmcroft)
Simon Venn (2002*-2009; Etonhurst)
Alice McEwan (2002*-2009; Overleigh)
Harrison Cox (2004-2009; Joan's Kitchen)
Edward Jones (2007-2009; Keen's Elm)
Louenna Edwards (2004-2009; Warner)
Katie Cox (2004-2009; Portway)
Louis Glick (2001*-2009; Joan's Kitchen)
Francis Holmes (2002*-2009; Shapwick)
Imogen Bliss (2001*-2007; Southfield)
Joanna Millward (2004-2009; Martins)
Oliver Stanley (2004-2009; Orchards)
Talia Slater (2004-2009; The Lakes)
Tim Harper (2004-2009; Keen's Elm)
Lois Jackson (2007-2009; Portway)
Max Harris (2002*-2009; Day)
Bethan Forsey (1999*-2009; Overleigh)
Phoebe Bradford (2002*-2009; Abbey)
Phoebe Taylor (2005-2009; Warner)
Sophie James (2005-2009; Warner)
Daniel Myers (2002*-2009; Mill)
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