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Class of 2016 One Year Out Reunion
Please join us in the Sahara Room, Jewel Piccadilly
4-6 Glasshouse Street, London, W1B 5DQ

from 7.00 pm
Dress: Smart Casual
RSVP by Friday 8th September 2017
Email: office@omsociety.com

You will need to bring some form of ID for admission
Caroline Easterfield (2014-2016; Overleigh)
Rosa Clutterbuck (2011-2016; The Lakes)
Thomas Smith (2003*-2016; Mill)
Emma Handley (2010*-2016; Martins)
Francesca Lambert (2011-2016; Kernick)
Fraser Dakin (2007*-2016; Kingweston)
Mafany Litumbe (2007*-2016; Kingweston)
Albert Simpson (2011-2016; Shapwick)
Elliott Manna (2009*-2016; Etonhurst)
Magdalene Hayward-Brown (2011-2016; Martins)
Miles Shepherd (2002*-2016; Mill)
Dominic Clutterbuck (2014-2016; St Anne's)
Emily Bennett (2012-2016; Kernick)
Charlotte Williams (2014-2016; Southfield)
Benjamin Dickson (2009*-2016; Shapwick)
Gabriel Oghre (2014-2016; The Grange)
Nakayi Mazinyi (2009*-2016; Kernick)
Jessica Burn (2010*-2016; Warner)
Agnes Farthing (2012-2016; The Lakes)
Yasmin Penton (2009*-2016; Southfield)
Lucy Alexander (2002*-2016; Overleigh)
Ashley Bird (2013-2016; Southfield)
Rufus Thwaytes (2010*-2016; Joan's Kitchen)
Edoardo Cristiani (2014-2016; Shapwick)
Jonathan Lane (2010-2016; Etonhurst)
Julie Hoogstraate (2012-2016; Warner)
Oliver Dawe-Lane (2009*-2016; Butleigh)
Oliver Dawe-Lane (2009*-2016; Butleigh)
Joshua Bayliss (2007*-2016; Great)
Hamish Glass (2011-2015; Kingweston)
John Wildgoose (2011-2016; Walton)
Charlotte Edwards (2011-2016; Warner)
Imogen Whillans (2012-2016; Warner)
Tom Horton (2014-2016; Shapwick)
Emily Fielder (2011-2016; The Lakes)
Juliet Rustom (2011-2016; Southfield)
Oliver Pryce (2011-2016; Butleigh)
Georgia Sheehan (2014-2016; Abbey)
Olivia Abell (2009*-2016; Overleigh)
Monica Lillis (2011*-2016; Overleigh)
Nina Rapp (2011-2016; Overleigh)
Hannah Agbeyegbe (2014-2016; Warner)
Daniel Tilke (2011-2016; Mill)
Albert Pearce (2011-2016; Shapwick)
Matilda McCrum (2009*-2016; Overleigh)
Carolina Pestana Vieira (2011-2016; Kernick)
Siwaj Na Songkhla (2011-2016; St Anne's)
Harriet Lord (2012-2016; Southfield)
Liza Welch (2012-2016; Warner)
Jack Stone (2008*-2016; Shapwick)
Daisy Stothert (2011-2014; Kernick)
Hamish Heilbron (2011-2016; Orchards)
Rory Miller (2014-2016; Kingweston)
Aimee Smith (2007*-2016; Overleigh)
Timothy Owen (2009*-2016; Mill)
Joshua Barton (2008*-2016; Great)
William Stoyle (2014-2016; St Anne's)
Harry Close (2002*-2016; Mill)
Thomas Cutts (2011-2016; Joan's Kitchen)
Molly Gardner (2011-2016; Overleigh)
Grace Walker (2014-2016; Kernick)
Thomas Lace (2011-2016; Joan's Kitchen)
George Bartlett (2011-2016; Great)
Oliver George (2009*-2016; Great)
William Allen (2014-2016; Holmcroft)
Suryaveer Khanna (2011-2016; Orchards)
Andrew Nurse (2014-2016; St Anne's)
Isabella Symonds-Willmott (2002*-2016; Overleigh)
William Ponting (2008*-2016; Walton)
Jack Salter (2011-2016; Joan's Kitchen)
Eguono Ibori (2011-2016; Abbey)
Edward Charmantas (2011-2016; Holmcroft)
Kayotunde Animashawun (2011-2015; Shapwick)
Henry Brooks (2010-2016; Mill)
Pablo Grutter (2014-2016; St Anne's)
Josslyn Mama (2012-2016; Kingweston)
Thomas Simpson (2014-2016; Holmcroft)
Oluwatosin Akingbade (2014-2016; Kingweston)
Henry Carling (2011-2016; Holmcroft)
McKenna Rensch (2011-2016; Martins)
Angus Lineker (2011-2016; Holmcroft)
Tobias Stroud-Turp (2009*-2016; St Anne's)
Yasmin Strutt (2008*-2014; Overleigh)
Lace Jones (2005*-2016; Warner)
Lewis Whitelaw (2014-2016; Joan's Kitchen)
Victoria Barfoot (2014-2016; Martins)
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