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London Drinks - 28 Nov 2019
We are really looking forward to hosting and welcoming you at the next London branch drinks on Thursday 28th November from 6.30 pm at The Boulevard Bar - located on the first floor of The Hollywood Arms, a short walk from Earls Court or by bus on the Fulham Road.

The evening is an informal gathering and a great way to catch up with old friends and make lots of new connections, please do spread the word and bring anyone that may not be on the mailing list with you.

Please rsvp to omoffice@millfieldschool.com

Rachele and Tory
Albert Simpson (2011-2016; Shapwick)
Tom Horton (2014-2016; Shapwick)
Charles Turner (1989*-1997; Etonhurst)
Charles Dowson (1969-1972; St Anne's)
Celia Dowson (2006-2010; Martins)
Melisa Lawton (1979*-1985; Southfield)
Laurence Davis (1974-1977; Hollies)
Adrian Woods (1982-1988; Holmcroft)
Natasha Reeves (1994*-2002; Day)
Daniella Orsi (2000*-2007; Martins)
James Scott (2000*-2009; Butleigh)
Alastair Scott (2000*-2007; Keen's Elm)
Adijatu Mohammed (1993*-2000; Grange)
Camilla Campbell-Stanway (1983-1984; Kernick)
Hugo Binney (1974-1978; Walton)
Kazunaga Senga (2005-2010; Joan's Kitchen)
Donna Osborn (1983*-1985; Edgarley)
Jamie Manuel (1978*-1984; Orchards)
Charles MacTaggart (1978*-1981; Hollies)
Jennifer Gray (1984-1987; Johnson's)
Alica Waldie (1987-1989; Kernick)
Alastair Niddrie (1980-1984; Orchards)
Adekunle Ajayi (1981-1986; Kingweston)
Elizabeth Swanwick (1979*-1985; Grange)
Talia Findlay (1983*-1990; Day)
Millett Munro (1988-1990; Southfield)
Fintan Fielding (1982*-1989; Butleigh)
Jonathan Graham (1985-1987; Holmcroft)
Simon Finn (1959*-1967; Etonhurst)
Annie Byrne Noonan (2003*-2011; Overleigh)
Michael Absalom (1993-1998; Hollies)
Sharmini Ratnasingham (1998-2003; Acacia)
Oladipo Ajenifuja (1982*-1989; Keinton)
Katrina Pattemore (1980*-1988; Day)
Edward Matthews (1981-1986; Joan's Kitchen)
Claire Bovill (1988-1990; Burleigh Cottage)
Darren Clayton (1997*-2004; Walton)
Giles Boustead (1980*-1989; Day)
Anna Barnfather (1985-1990; Grange)
Siân Gwilliam (1984-1987; Southfield)
Lajla Turner (1984*-1991; Southfield)
Verda Donay (1986-1989; Abbey)
Adam Donald (1984-1988; Orchards)
Fiennes McCulloch (1998*-2008; Butleigh)
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