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Class of 2014 - 5 Year Reunion
Saturday 21st September 2019

4-7pm at the Lillie Langtry (upstairs room), 19 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UE


Please join us for a drink (the first one is on us!) and catch up with old friends.

To rsvp please email omoffice@millfieldschool.com or go to events on millfieldconnect.com.

Please also tell other OMs from your year as we may not have their contact details
Joshua Kerr-Jarrett (2009-2014; Keen's Elm)
Evie Edwards (2009-2014; Abbey)
Emily Symonds-Willmott (2000*-2014; Overleigh)
Kate Golledge (2005*-2014; The Lakes)
James Milligan (2009-2014; Butleigh)
Ffion Thompson (2009-2014; Warner)
Sarah Galley (2008*-2014; Martins)
Alice Moffat (2012-2014; Southfield)
Liam Ward (2001*-2014; Kingweston)
Lauren Marlow (2012-2014; Warner)
Chester Allen (2009-2014; Butleigh)
Billy Reeves (2012-2014; Butleigh)
Shaun Daly (2012-2014; Keen's Elm)
Jessica Davies (2009-2014; Martins)
Aiyetoro Hinds (2012-2014; Walton)
Jonathan Ellis (2012-2014; Walton)
Jacob Wendon (2004*-2014; Etonhurst)
Edward Stevens (2009-2014; Holmcroft)
Elise Clement (2009-2014; Overleigh)
Flora Lickiss (2009-2014; Southfield)
Hannah Lord (2012-2014; Southfield)
Tristan Remme (2009-2014; Joan's Kitchen)
Samuel Nixon (2012-2014; Great)
Manon Wright (2010-2014; Southfield)
Maisie Eldridge (2009-2014; Southfield)
Felicity McCarthy (2007*-2014; Southfield)
Megan Fenech (2012-2014; Portway)
Yara Hajj (2009-2014; Southfield)
Florence Sumner (2006*-2014; The Lakes)
Evan Waters (2012-2014; Joan's Kitchen)
Alec Coombes (2008*-2014; Kingweston)
Alice Lyall (2010-2014; Martins)
Ashlyn Thomas (2012-2014; Southfield)
Joseph Allen (2006*-2014; Great)
Pamela Flisher (2012-2014; Acacia)
Benjamin Jayson (2007*-2014; Shapwick)
George Parkinson (2000*-2012; Mill)
Evie Spencer-Ruddy (2009-2014; Southfield)
Matthew Donaldson (2010-2014; Shapwick)
Thomas Jackson (2009-2014; Mill)
Sebastian Baxter-Allen (2008*-2014; Mill)
Hannah Botsford (2009-2014; Abbey)
Alexander Walker (2009-2014; Kingweston)
Fleur Marston (2009-2014; Martins)
Roberta Blackford (2012-2013; Martins)
Jazmiin Lewis (2009-2012; Day)
Genevieve Brown (2008*-2014; Warner)
Emma Byford (2010-2014; Martins)
Ellen Crisp (2009-2014; Southfield)
Kate Crisp (2009-2014; Abbey)
Josephine Vermilye (2012-2014; Southfield)
Felicity Wolfenden (2012-2014; Acacia)
Prima Yongvadhananun (2009-2014; Warner)
Thomas Street (2012-2014; Butleigh)
George Bailey (2009-2013; Orchards)
Ella Ross (2012-2014; Portway)
Eleanor Griffiths (2009-2012; Warner)
Katriona Savage (2009-2014; Abbey)
John Radford (2008*-2014; Orchards)
James Guy (2008*-2014; Great)
Georgiana Osborn (2012-2014; Warner)
Freddie Oldfield (2012-2014; Mill)
Oriana Hooper (2007*-2014; Kernick)
Cameron Lambden (2002*-2014; Great)
Matthew Leigh (2012-2014; Shapwick)
Nicholas Bromley (2010-2014; Holmcroft)
Theodore Gray (2009-2014; Etonhurst)
Amelia James (2006*-2013; Abbey)
Benjamin Stammers (2010-2014; Mill)
Adam Pescod (2009-2014; Shapwick)
George Massey (2009-2012; Keen's Elm)
Anna Bowman (2012-2014; Portway)
Isabella Wallrock (2012-2014; Abbey)
Edward Stevenson (2010-2014; Keen's Elm)
Oliver Clarke (2009-2014; Mill)
Rhiannon Perrin (2010-2014; Acacia)
Amy Winlow (2000*-2014; Overleigh)
Katrina Rushmer (2007*-2014; Southfield)
Dylan Lacey (2009-2012; Walton)
Anastasiia Lavreniuk (2012-2014; Abbey)
Sophie Boyce (2009-2012; Abbey)
Jason Cory-Wright (2010-2013; Walton)
Rahul Waney (2009-2014; Keen's Elm)
Caitlin Cooper (2009-2014; Kernick)
Sophie Keech (2009-2014; Martins)
Rosanna McCrum (2007*-2014; The Lakes)
Benjamin Clark (2012-2014; Kingweston)
Oliver Hopkins (2006*-2014; Etonhurst)
Steven Cole ()
Rodney Speed (1964-1966; Day)
Neil Whiskerd (0-0)
Jessica Exley (2007*-2014; Southfield)
Darcy Alexander (2011-2014; Southfield)
Tuuli Penttila (2012-2013; Portway)
Madeleine Wood (2000*-2014; The Lakes)
Craig Worman (2005*-2013; Day)
Rebecca Reynolds (2012-2014; Martins)
John Mallett (1983-1988; Orchards)
Nicola Pender ()
Sarinla Premsuk (2009-2014; Warner)
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