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OM Drinks in Cardiff
OM drinks onThursday 11th October at Chapel 1877 Bar & Restaurant (Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2WF) from 6pm onwards.

This will be a chance to meet other OMs living, working and studying in South Wales and catch up with news from Millfield.

Please rsvp by the 30th September
Simon Hunt (1988*-1995; St Anne's)
Robert Collins (1965*-1974; Glaston Tor)
Nigel Pugh (1968-1971; Joan's Kitchen)
Johanna Sheppard (1995-2000; Southfield)
David Lakin (2008-2010; Holmcroft)
Felicity Hares (1999*-2007; Day)
Huw Leach (1979-1981; Millfield)
Richard Morgan (1989*-1995; Etonhurst)
Jonathan Cooke (1985-1988; Georgian Cottage)
Rhys Edwards (1990-1994; Orchards)
Joanne Butler (1969-1973; Portway)
William Jones (2013-2017; Butleigh)
Cassandra Hedlund (2006-2008; Kernick)
Iwan Thayer (2010*-2017; Butleigh)
Nina Anthony (1982-1986; Warner)
Grace Bishop (2003*-2016; Overleigh)
Matthew Newman (1981-1983; St Anne's)
Eric Valerio (1969-1970; Chindit)
Ian Peter (1982-1983; Ashcott)
Nick Servini (1988-1990; Georgian Cottage)
Marianne Evans (1985*-1990; Day)
Max Broadfield (2006-2008; Kingweston)
Jonathan Bennett-Evans (1980-1984; Kingweston)
Patrick Gore (1984-1986; Joan's Kitchen)
David Ricketts (1975*-1981; Keinton)
Robert Dudley-Jones (1970-1971; Hornblotton)
The principal aim of the Society is to keep members of the worldwide Millfield family in touch with each other.

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