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Class of 1999, 20 Year Reunion
Duncan Stirling (1992*-1999; Etonhurst)
Duncan Wilde (1988*-1999; Holmcroft)
Matthew Wright (1992*-1999; Holmcroft)
Hannah Woon (1997-1999; Day)
Andy Woods ()
Robert Woodhead (1990*-1999; Day)
Elizabeth Wood (1990*-1999; Day)
Emma Wombwell (1992*-1997; Walton)
Michelle White (1994-1999; Grange)
Kara Travis (1991*-1999; Day)
Christopher Thom (1994-1997; Shapwick)
Amy Taylor (1992*-1999; Oaklands)
Melissa Stevenson (1991*-1999; Grange)
Rachael Scarr-Hall (1994-1999; Oaklands)
Emma Russo (1997-1999; Southfield)
Emily Romero-Wiltshire (1994-1999; Grange)
Leah Richmond (1994-1997; Day)
Gemma Pritchard (1991*-1999; Day)
Oliver Potts (1994-1999; Millfield)
Henrietta Potts (1995-1999; Martins)
Alexander Page (1997-1999; Orchards)
Victoria Nute (1995-1999; Day)
Catherine Needle (1991*-1997; Abbey)
Emma Needham (1988*-1999; Day)
Louise Minchell-Bewick (1994-1999; Johnson's)
Sophie May (1992*-1999; Kernick)
Christopher Martin ()
Laura Mantovani (1997-1999; Grange)
Kirsty MacHardy (1992*-1999; Johnson's)
Richard Long (1994-1999; Shapwick)
Sarah Letts (1992*-1997; Abbey)
Nicola Langford (1996-1999; Kernick)
Olivia Kneale (1997-1999; Grange)
Benjamin Hornung (1995-1999; Millfield)
Annabel Hickton (1992*-1999; Grange)
Amanda Hauxwell (1998-1999; Overleigh)
Alexandra Handover (1997-1999; Johnson's)
Justine Flockhart (1991*-1999; Day)
Elizabeth Farnham-Davis (1994-1999; Southfield)
Beverley Eve (1992*-1999; Martins)
Alex Davies (1995-1999; Orchards)
Justin Davda (1994-1999; Orchards)
Thomas Dann (1994-1999; Millfield)
Alice Da Silva Pottes (1997-1999; Southfield)
Gregory Cox (1996-1999; Joan's Kitchen)
Anna Cooper (1991*-1999; Day)
Nicholas Cole (1995-1999; Joan's Kitchen)
Annabel Cobb (1992*-1999; Southfield)
Isabel Boyd (1994-1999; Acacia)
Verity Boxall (1990*-1999; Warner)
Matthew Bartholomew (1990*-1999; Kingweston)
Emma Bandara (1994-1999; Abbey)
Olivia Antolik (1991*-1999; Kernick)
Amelia Morgan (1990*-1999; Kernick)
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