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OMS Car Rally 2018
Following the success of last year's Car Rally, when we had a fine turnout of vehicles, we are now organising our fifth outing. For the second year the rally will form part of the Millfield Polo Invitational at Kingweston on Sunday 3rd June. We are looking for entries of Vintage or Classic cars over 25 years of age; vehicles of great interest can also be included.

If you have such a car and are interested in taking part, and would like further details, please contact Tony Williams (1958-61; Day) who is organising the rally and will be pleased to hear from you: willpower53@talktalk.net
Jonathan Cooper (1964-1966; St Anne's)
Andrew Jackson (1982-1987; Day)
Richard Smith ()
Stan Burton ()
Candice Butler (2002-2007; Day)
Charles Stocks (1972-1974; Orchards)
Derek Deighton ()
Helen Griffiths (1975-1976; Day)
Karl Naylor ()
Rosiji Soluade (1987-1989; Holmcroft)
Adekunle Ajayi (1981-1986; Kingweston)
Jonathan Adlam ()
John Alcock ()
John Ball ()
Anthony Barham (1977-1981; St Anne's)
Tim Barnard ()
Sam Budd ()
Anthony Williams (1958-1961; Day)
John Davies ()
Andrew Hellings ()
Stephen Hellings ()
Colin Heslop (1953*-1961; Shapwick)
Malcolm Ingram ()
Julian Leyton (1962*-1970; High Ham)
Tim Lunnon ()
Brian Mathew (1975-1979; Shapwick)
Kevin Jones (1974-1979; Hornblotton)
Malcolm Tucker (1961-1965; Millfield)
Rodney Speed (1964-1966; Day)
Michael Gray (1966-1972; Orchards)
Mark Insley ()
Warren Emo ()
Mark Manton ()
Mike Dowling ()
Mike King ()
Mark Coleman ()
Clive Dennis ()
Roger Parsons ()
Jonathan Ayles ()
Tom Lumley ()
Trevor Cook ()
Peter Cabble ()
James Baldwin (1969-1970; Hornblotton)
Matthew Hancock (1983-1986; Northfield)
Nicholas Joslin (1979-1980; Ivythorn)
Tom Alexander (1971-1975; Day)
Nicholas De Yong (1969*-1976; Millfield)
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