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London Branch Drinks at Harvey Nichols
Rachele Hayman (1983*-90; Southfield) and Tory Manuel (1983*-90; Portway) warmly invite you to join them for Drinks on Friday 1st December 2017

in the Fifth Floor Bar, Harvey Nichols, 109-125 Knightsbridge, Belgravia, London, SW1X 7RJ

from 7.00 pm

Welcome drink on arrival, looking forward to seeing you!

(cash bar available)

RSVP: office@omsociety.com
David Rigg (1964-1966; Kingweston)
Jane Watson (1971-1973; Holmcroft)
Harvey Gahl (1977-1981; St Anne's)
Julian Richardson (1987-1989; Kingweston)
Emily Nathan (1985-1990; Portway)
Charles Turner (1989*-1997; Etonhurst)
Jenny Lovell (1984-1986; Overleigh)
Lily Pryce (2012-2017; Portway)
Mark Wilkes (1975-1980; Hollies)
Lulu Laidlaw-Smith (1988-1990; Overleigh)
Lesley Richardson (1976-1978; Kernick)
Adrian Woods (1982-1988; Holmcroft)
Rajesh Ragoowansi (1983-1988; Etonhurst)
Jonathan Macey (1986-1991; Kingweston)
Michael Waugh (1956-1959; Kingweston)
George Coppen (1957-1958; Joan's Kitchen)
John Davies ()
Phil Cookson ()
Karen Cookson ()
Amanda Owens (1987-1991; Day)
Sally Stevens (1985-1987; Overleigh)
Joe Talbot (1985-1990; Shapwick)
Mark Dimock (1991-1993; Joan's Kitchen)
Alastair Niddrie (1980-1984; Orchards)
Helena Cotton (1968*-1974; Southfield)
Victoria Dearborn (1972-1974; Grey House)
Despina Scutari (1984-1989; Grange)
Melisa Lawton (1979*-1985; Southfield)
Sarah Brown (1987-1992; Oaklands)
Sarah Johnson (1990-1992; Acacia)
David Lewis (1972-1976; Mill House)
Hayley Thompson (1997*-2005; Warner)
Jamie Manuel (1978*-1984; Orchards)
Edward Sinclair (1994-1999; Keen's Elm)
Christoffer Naess (1979*-1987; Shapwick)
Claire Bovill (1988-1990; Burleigh Cottage)
Julian Dyer (1981-1985; Kingweston)
Philippa Bowers (1985-1990; Acacia)
Millett Munro (1988-1990; Southfield)
Charles MacTaggart (1978*-1981; Hollies)
Nicholas Bennett (1979*-1986; Hollies)
Jonathan Hale (1979*-1986; Walton)
Elizabeth Swanwick (1979*-1985; Grange)
Alexander Walder-Smith (1985-1990; Orchards)
Talia Findlay (1983*-1990; Day)
Camilla Campbell-Stanway (1983-1984; Kernick)
Anna West (1977*-1990; Day)
Verda Donay (1986-1989; Abbey)
Richard Barlow (1985-1990; Ivythorn)
Catherine van Zeveren (1986-1991; Overleigh)
Sabine Khan (1982*-1987; Southfield)
Andrew Selby (1985-1990; Keen's Elm)
Alica Waldie (1987-1989; Kernick)
Aaron Bowen (1986-1990; Kingweston)
Anna Barnfather (1985-1990; Grange)
Adebayo Ajayi (1982*-1990; Kingweston)
Adekunle Ajayi (1981-1986; Kingweston)
Sharmini Ratnasingham (1998-2003; Acacia)
Kimberley Williams (1983-1987; Southfield)
Siân Gwilliam (1984-1987; Southfield)
Jeremy Edwards (1982*-1989; Orchards)
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