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OMS 24th Annual Golf Day
This year, we return to The Manor House Golf Club at Castle Combe.

For further details please email omoffice@millfieldschool.com
Michael Burns (1964-1966; Kernick)
Sandra Meacher (1970-1975; Day)
Kevin Jones (1974-1979; Hornblotton)
Julia Burton née Gregory (1970-1974; Johnson's)
John Radford (1970-1973; Orchards)
Kevin Marshall (1971-1973; Chindit)
Simon Stokes (1971-1974; Chindit)
Paul Ashton (1966-1971; Kingweston)
Henry Ashton (2004-2009; Day)
Emma Ashton (2004-2006; Day)
Jeremy Blackie (1962-1966; Shapwick)
Simon Crisp (1971*-1978; Day)
Gavin Crisp (1967*-1975; Day)
Alan Burns ()
Paul Hogan (1970*-1979; Day)
Peter Tucker (1978-1980; Hollies)
Sally Miller (1970*-1981; Day)
David Garnsworthy ()
George Donnelly (1998-2000; Holmcroft)
Matthew Condren (1993-1998; Millfield)
David Atkinson (1968*-1978; Day)
Ian Cole (1974-1978; Day)
Martin Reed (1968-1972; Glaston Tor)
Christopher Perry (1965-1967; Day)
Richard Champion (1977-1982; Day)
Adan Yates (2008-2013; Shapwick)
Timothy Lee (1969-1973; St Anne's)
Andrew Steele (1969-1971; Orchards)
Jonathan Lee (1966-1971; Walton)
Richard Hunter (1968-1972; Shapwick)
Elizabeth Rees (1973-1976; Day)
Christopher Hellings (1993-1998; Cookson)
James Macey (1993-1998; Day)
Mathew Webb (1993-1998; Millfield)
Toby Harris ()
Simon Sutcliffe ()
Peter Corrigan ()
Alex Gibbs ()
Max Muirhead (1967-1971; Millfield)
Alastair Wall (1998*-2012; Mill)
Andrew Wall (1967*-1975; Day)
The principal aim of the Society is to keep members of the worldwide Millfield family in touch with each other.

So click on 'My Society' for your own record and the possibility of contacting old friends directly (we are always happy to do this on your behalf).

Email us:  omoffice@millfieldschool.com

Phone us:  + 44 (0) 1458 444368

Write to us: Old Millfieldian Society, Millfield School, STREET, Somerset BA16 0YD

Visit us:  We would love to see you, but please phone ahead so that we can plan your visit.
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