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Class of 2012 Five Year Reunion, London
The Old Millfieldian Society invites you to the Class of 2012 Five Year Reunion hosted by Craig Considine, Headmaster,  John Davies, OMS Secretary, and your Millfield Tutors on Friday 21st April 2017 at Beaufort House, 354 King’s Road, London SW3 5UZ

A welcome cocktail will be served from 6.30 pm with canapés throughout the evening.

The cost will be £30.00 per head and a cash bar will also be available.

Dress code: smart casual

We regret that the invitation is not extended to partners and guests

To book after 17th April please contact the OMS Office on 01458 444368
Emily Maylam (2010-2012; Portway)
Charles Auterac (2010-2012; Shapwick)
Gruffydd Williams (2010-2012; The Grange)
Georgina Lench (2010-2012; Kernick)
Leo Bailey (2003*-2012; Mill House)
Yasmina Lewis (2007-2012; Abbey)
Luke Downham (2010-2012; Millfield)
Octavia Fineman (2010-2012; Warner)
Arthur Parry (2007-2012; Orchards)
Alastair Wall (1998*-2012; Mill)
Paige Roberts (2002*-2012; Overleigh)
Beatrice Wood (1998*-2012; The Lakes)
Harriet Sumner (2006*-2012; The Lakes)
Joshua Lawlor (2008-2012; Great)
Max Hutchinson (2007-2012; Orchards)
Hugo Hayes (2010-2012; Butleigh)
Gabriella Read-Cayton (2007-2012; Abbey)
James Bloxham (2005*-2012; Kingweston)
Alexander Knights (2008-2012; Kingweston)
Maximilian Collett (2002*-2010; Rookery)
Jonathan Taylor (2007-2012; Walton)
Max Northcote-Green (2005*-2012; Kingweston)
Oenone Forbat (2005*-2012; Overleigh)
Digby Edgley (2002*-2012; Mill)
Vsevolod Mineev (2006*-2012; Kingweston)
Georgina Wallrock (2010-2012; Abbey)
Charlotte Bonnar (2007-2012; Abbey)
Blaise Hawkins (2010-2012; Abbey)
Anna Denvir (2010-2012; Warner)
Rebecca Foster (2004*-2010; The Lakes)
Felicity Doe (2010-2012; Acacia)
Sophie Eaton (2005*-2010; Southfield)
Stephanie Tibbles (2010-2012; Acacia)
Maximilian Pattar (2007*-2012; Mill)
Andrew Lockhart (2004*-2012; Holmcroft)
David Bowen-Davies (2010-2012; Orchards)
Lee Hedges (2007-2012; Millfield)
Charles Payne (2007-2012; Shapwick)
Jack Keyes (2007-2012; Etonhurst)
Kelston Stark (2003*-2012; Mill)
Callum Taylor (2010-2012; Etonhurst)
Lewis Molloy (2008-2012; Joan's Kitchen)
Moritz Hausweiler (2010-2012; Millfield)
George Buchanan (2007-2012; Orchards)
Madeleine Gray (2010-2012; Acacia)
Yadu Bhageria (2007-2012; Joan's Kitchen)
David Shepperd (2007-2012; Orchards)
Andrey Sidorov (2007-2012; St Anne's)
Thomasina Quesnel (2010-2012; Kernick)
Gabriel Parker (2006*-2012; Great)
Lucinda Quesnel (2010-2012; Abbey)
Matthew Molloy (2008-2012; Butleigh)
Max Dyer (2007-2012; Holmcroft)
Melissa Culver (2006*-2012; Southfield)
Thomas Bellak (2004*-2012; Great)
Harriet Folland (2007-2012; Abbey)
Madeleine Wilkins (2005*-2012; Kernick)
Grace Mantella (2007-2010; Kernick)
Josephine Radford (2008-2012; Kernick)
Katy Hancock (2005*-2012; Kernick)
Caroline Lamb (2010-2012; Southfield)
Harry Parker (2007-2010; St Anne's)
Maximilian Baxter-Allen (2010-2012; Rookery)
Harry Enderby (2010-2012; Keen's Elm)
Daniel Agland (2007-2012; Holmcroft)
Dmitri Burda (2007*-2012; Holmcroft)
Zachary Stephenson (2010-2012; Keen's Elm)
Jack Stott (2005*-2010; Day)
Bethan Jones (2003*-2012; Southfield)
Holly Simpson (2007-2010; Overleigh)
William Ross (2010-2012; Orchards)
Jeremy Ward (2007-2012; Butleigh)
Jack Caldwell (2007-2012; Holmcroft)
Killian Greenwood (2010-2012; St Anne's)
Samuel Rogers (2010-2012; Orchards)
Isabella Ruddock (2008-2012; Martins)
Stephanie Mazinyi (2008-2012; Kernick)
Patrick Aschke (2005*-2012; Butleigh)
Lamise Ghalia (2010-2012; Kernick)
Dhisana Thadani (2010-2012; Portway)
Ella McMahon (2005*-2010; Abbey)
Catherine McGinty (2007-2012; Warner)
Frederick Measom (2005*-2012; Orchards)
Nina Sambrook (2007-2012; Warner)
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