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Class of 2017 "One Year Out" Reunion
Class of 2017 "One Year Out" Reunion on Saturday 15th September at 7.00 pm in the Sahara Room, Jewel, Piccadilly (4-6 Glasshouse Street, London, W1B 5DQ)

Welcome Drink and Pizza, Cash Bar, Dress: Smart Casual

rsvp by Friday 7th September omoffice@millfieldschool.com
Rupert Powlesland (2015-2017; Joan's Kitchen)
William Jones (2013-2017; Butleigh)
Jodie Thomas (2012-2017; The Lakes)
Luke Robins (2010*-2017; Great)
Thomas Kingham (2010*-2017; Mill)
Domino Szokoloczy-Syllaba (2013-2017; Southfield)
Ben Mulvey (2013-2017; Great)
Thomas Ruhan (2012-2017; Shapwick)
Gregor Abercromby (2004*-2017; Great)
Kieran Roskell-Thomas (2015-2017; Shapwick)
Esme Stewart (2015-2018; Warner)
Madelaine Close (2009*-2017; The Lakes)
Robert Brown (2015-2017; Holmcroft)
Miles Hart (2003*-2015; Mill)
Milo Lakin (2012-2015; Butleigh)
Dominic Goodwin (2012-2016; Butleigh)
Alexander Dawkins (2012-2017; Holmcroft)
Caitlin Edgar (2015-2017; Kernick)
Adam Brown (2009*-2017; Mill)
Gabriel Beagrie (2010*-2017; Butleigh)
Iwan Thayer (2010*-2017; Butleigh)
Eleanor Abercromby (2005*-2017; The Lakes)
Max Bailes (2015-2017; Shapwick)
Laurence Baldegger (-2017; Mill)
Thomas Bawden (2012-2017; Butleigh)
Tamsin Campbell (2015-2017; Kernick)
Grace Dunn (2012-2017; The Lakes)
Archie Edwards (2012-2017; Orchards)
Charlie Howard (2013-2017; Walton)
Cian Kennedy (2013-2017; St Anne's)
Jessica Lee (2012-2017; Southfield)
Miles Letchford (2008*-2017; Great)
James McCarthy (2015-2017; Joan's Kitchen)
Eleanor Nicolson (2010*-2017; Kernick)
Millicent Nielsen (2012-2017; Southfield)
William Penfold (2012-2017; Holmcroft)
Katie Robinson (2010*-2017; Kernick)
Cameron Stratton (2012-2017; Butleigh)
Kate Timperley (2012-2017; Kernick)
Joshua Wright (2013-2017; Great)
Abigail Atkin (2015-2017; Portway)
Ekaterina Chistyakova (2013-2017; Kernick)
Henry Chesterman (2012-2017; Great)
George Brophy (2012-2017; Walton)
Thomas Barker (2011*-2017; Great)
Amygrace Berger (2012-2017; The Lakes)
Seymur Gadimov (2015-2017; The Grange)
Charlotte Phillipson (2015-2017; Kernick)
Hannah Shirley (2013-2017; Kernick)
Lucie Street (2011*-2017; The Lakes)
Alice Coe (2012-2017; Southfield)
Jonathan Carragher (2012-2017; Joan's Kitchen)
India Bellak (2007*-2015; Overleigh)
Isabella Boyle (2015-2017; Kernick)
Amelia Watts (2012-2017; Overleigh)
Alex Yeates (2012-2017; Orchards)
Barnaby Adam (2015-2017; Kingweston)
Sultan Binladen (2012-2017; Butleigh)
Lily Pryce (2012-2017; Portway)
James Reed (2009*-2017; Great)
Rupert Hoff (2012-2017; Etonhurst)
Jean-Paul Bolgar (2012-2017; Etonhurst)
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