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Ladies' Afternoon Tea in London
Following feedback that we have received, we are launching a new series of events for female Old Millfieldians. The events will include purely social meet ups to more business networking events.

We are starting in March with afternoon tea at the RAF Club in London:


Friday 22nd March from 1pm

Cost £20

Numbers are limited so please book via omoffice@millfieldschool.com by Friday 15th February.

We are also planning a cocktails and networking evening in London and a women in leadership event in the Autumn.
Lulu Laidlaw-Smith (1988-1990; Overleigh)
Rosemary Fell (1957-1959; Mollands)
Hannah Aykroyd (1999-2001; Portway)
Nicola Pender ()
Rose D'Sa (1974-1976; Oaklands)
Nikki Della Valle née Dennett (1986*-1994; Day)
Daja Apetz-Dreier (1997-1998; Overleigh)
Marine Durrieu (2009-2011; Kernick)
Deborah Bristow (1969*-1976; Ashcott)
Melisa Lawton (1979*-1985; Southfield)
Octavia Fineman (2010-2012; Warner)
Helena Terlezki (1972-1976; Great House)
Sarah Bailey (1974-1976; Day)
Elizabeth Farnham-Davis (1994-1999; Southfield)
Venetia Norris (1991*-1999; Southfield)
Josephine Vermilye (2012-2014; Southfield)
Manon Wright (2010-2014; Southfield)
Penrose Halson (1957-1958; Wraxleigh)
Catherine Caruth (2013-2015; Martins)
Maya Modeste (2010-2015; Martins)
Rachele Hayman (1983*-1990; Southfield)
Jenny Lovell (1984-1986; Overleigh)
Tory Manuel (1983*-1990; Portway)
Elizabeth Florescu (1984-1986; Overleigh)
Henrietta Walder-Smith (1984*-1991; Grange)
Jan O'Brien (1970-1971; The Cottage)
Caroline Furnivall (1969-1971; Great House)
Elaine Lewis (1972-1974; Holmcroft)
The principal aim of the Society is to keep members of the worldwide Millfield family in touch with each other.

So click on 'My Society' for your own record and the possibility of contacting old friends directly (we are always happy to do this on your behalf).

Email us:  omoffice@millfieldschool.com

Phone us:  + 44 (0) 1458 444368

Write to us: Old Millfieldian Society, Millfield School, STREET, Somerset BA16 0YD

Visit us:  We would love to see you, but please phone ahead so that we can plan your visit.
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