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Professor Keith McAdam, who with his wife Penny (Spencer), herself a distinguished OM and former school girls tennis champion, has devoted a lifetime to fighting serious diseases all over the world. In 2004 Keith was the first director of the new institute for infectious diseases in Uganda where AIDS has been particularly destructive in its effects.

Professor McAdam said: “ Penny and I have tried to hold to the creative vision that was the centre of what we heard at Millfield, propagated by Jack Meyer, that all of us have something special at which we can succeed. And that has remained a life challenge for me and Penny to discover in others. I think it has been particularly so in the last five years, as we have worked with large numbers of people living with HIV in Uganda and realizing that they all have something special to be discovered in their new life as HIV positive people,and this needs to be allowed expression.”
Before Stewart Copeland arrived at Millfield his father asked if there would be room on campus for “his rather large and complicated drum equipment”. A Nissen hut was provided by Boss, and Stewart was allowed to practise there after supper one day a week and was given special drum lessons.

Interviewed by roving reporter former Chairman of the Millfield Society, Professor Robert Clark, Stewart recalled that he was a ‘skinny American kid’ who, when he came to Millfield, never felt he was up to much. But it was at Millfield that he learned from Boss that “there is something in everybody and it was his job to find it.” When Boss bumped into Stewart, he would say: “Hello, young Copeland, how’s that music of yours going?”
Paul Davies, the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Producer/Director, one of this year’s winners, said: “What does Millfield do? It gets into your DNA and it stays there for the rest of your life and that is a very good thing.”
Laurence Davis, the very successful businessman, was rewarded for his spectacular work raising funds for the Variety Club. He said: “Millfield is not a school. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is a school. It is something completely different.” He then went on to describe how he spoke to about 25 OMs every single week and frequently meets OMs as he travels to different countries. “There is a camaraderie about the place which, as children, you won’t know until you have left the school. But it is quite amazing.”
James Nathan was academic at Millfield and went on to study philosophy at King’s College, London. However, he had always liked cooking and he was the only boy in his year to take GCSE Home Economics. He became a barrister on the grounds that if he didn’t like it, it would be easier for a barrister to take up cooking than for a chef to be called to the Bar.

And so it proved. But in a recorded interview with Rod Speed, Chairman of the Millfield Society, James mentioned one incident at school which helped to change the direction of his life. He always liked cooking and he was caught one morning in the house kitchen by his housemaster cooking pot noodles on a plate heated dangerously over an electric toaster. Far from upbraiding him on the fire risk, the housemaster came back the next day with a special electric hot plate. James said the arrival of the hot plate made a lasting impression on him; this year he won the BBC Master Chef of the Year.
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