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Distinguished Old Millfieldians
His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan bin Mabarak al Nahayan (1968*-1975; Kingweston)
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research; Chancellor of UAE University and Higher Colleges of Technology, President of Zayed University, Chairman of Union National Bank, UAE; OM of the Year 2003
Wyndham Bailey (1938-1945; Resteholme)
Service to Millfield Society; OM of the Year 2005
John Bell (1958-1961; Etonhurst)
Professor of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, Canada
John Dunn (1957-1958)
Professor of Political Theory, Cambridge University
Charles Godfray (1969*-1975; Shapwick)
Professor of Biology at Oxford
John Humble (1948-1952; Holmcroft)
Professor of Physics, University of Tasmania
Patrick Jordan (1975*-1985; Day)
Vice President of International Mobile Communications Company, Nierenberg Professor of Design, Carnegie Mellon University, Scientific Author and Lecturer
Hannah Mortimer (1967-1969; Wraxleigh)
Educational Psychologist and Professional Writer
Susan Owen (1969-1973; Day)
Hon Professor of English Literature, Sheffield University and Author
Hazel Rossotti (1947-1948; The Cottage)
Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry, St. Annes’ College, Oxford; Member of Hebdomadal Council, University of Oxford; Science Writer
Colin Sparrow (1965*-1971; Day)
Head of Department , Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick
Rodney Speed (1964-1966; Day)
Service to Millfield Society
Malcolm Tucker (1961-1965; Millfield)
Service to Millfield Society
Peter Warner (1962-1965; Kingweston)
Dean of Homerton College, Cambridge and Author
Christopher Wickham (1961*-1967; Glaston Tor)
Professor of History, Oxford University
Aftab Adamjee (1978-1983; Shapwick)
Chairman of Indus Mass Transit Co, Pakistan
Adesegun Akin-Olugbade (1978-1980; Ashcott)
General Counsel and Director, Legal Services of the African Development Bank
Tom Alexander (1971-1975; Day)
Chief Executive Officer, Orange UK; OM of the Year 2011
Diraar Alghanim (1960-1961; Abbot's Leigh)
President and Chief Executive Officer, Alghanim International Corporation
Behdad Alizadeh (1975-1979; Holmcroft)
Investment Banker
Damian Aspinall (1972-1977; Shapwick)
Casino and Zoo Owner and Conservationist
Marc Asquith (1972-1977; Orchards)
Chairman of the Royal Aero Club of the UK
John Calvert-Jones (1953-1955; Orchards)
Vice Chairman, Stock Exchange of Melbourne; President, Bionic Ear Institute; Director, The Australian Ballet; Winner of the Fastnet Race
Richard Caring (1962-1966; Millfield)
Retail Entrepreneur; Owner and Chairman of Wentworth Golf Club; OM of the Year 2010
Russell Chambers (1971*-1979; Millfield)
Senior Advisor, Credit Suisse UK
William Chan (1996-2000; Joan's Kitchen)
Technology, Sports and Entertainment Entrepreneur; General Partner/Owner of DC United, Tokyo Machida FC and San Francisco Giants, Chairman of the USA RFU
Victor Chandler (1966-1969; Hollies)
Offshore Independent Bookmaker
Galahad Clark (1983*-1994; Shapwick)
Co-Founder and Director of Terra Plana
Michael Cohen (1968-1970; Etonhurst)
Founder and Chief Executive, MPC Entertainment
Vivienne Cox (1975-1977; Great House)
Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year 2006; OM of the Year 2006
Judith Derbyshire (1968-1973; Day)
Company Solicitor Clarks Shoes and Chairman of Governors
Mark Fenwick (1962-1966; Orchards)
Chairman, Fenwick Department Stores
Julian Fryett (1977-1981; Joan's Kitchen)
President, Ricoh (Thailand), Director, Ricoh Asia Pacific Region
Roger Gibbs (1952-1953; Kingweston)
Chairman, The Welcome Trust; Lifetime Achievement Award 2009
Tim Griffiths (1977-1979; Kingweston)
Entrepreneurial business leader; OM of the Year 2014
Sri Dato Lim Yan Hai (1955-1959; Abbot's Leigh)
Financier/Industrialist/Developer, Malaysia
Michael Hayman (1983-1988; Joan's Kitchen)
Co-founder of “Seven Hills” and “Start Up Britain”; Chairman of Entrepreneurs at Coutts; Daily Telegraph Enterprise Columnist; OM of the Year 2014
Chung Shing Ho (1982-1986; Holmcroft)
Businessman and Entrepreneur
Jonathan Hunt (1967-1970; Hollies)
Founder and Former Owner of Foxtons Estate Agency
Fazle Husain (1981-1983; Hollies)
General Partner, Morgan Stanley Venture Capital, USA
Dato Andrew Kam (1979-1981; Holmcroft)
Developer, Economist and Philanthropist, Malaysia
William Louey (1972-1977; Chindit)
Executive Director, Kowloon Motor Bus Company, and Philanthropist, Hong Kong; OM of the Year 2000
Dato Teik Ngan Loy (1978-1980; St Anne's)
Chief Executive Officer of largest finance company in Malaysia
Simon Luxmoore (1966-1969; Day)
Chief Executive of the Royal Aeronautical Society. OM of the Year 2002
Emma Macdonald (1984-1986; Day)
Founder and Company Director of the Bay Tree Food Company
James Martin (1957-1962; Shapwick)
Director, Martin-Baker Aircraft
John Martin (1957-1962; High Ham)
Director, Martin-Baker Aircraft
Damian Miller (1987-1988; Holmcroft)
Director of Rural Operations, Shell Solar
Nick Milligan (1970*-1979; Millfield)
Sky Media Managing Director
Max Mosley (1955-1956; Orchards)
President of the World Fédération Internationale de Automobile
Kester Ng (1983-1986; Ivythorn)
Financier and Hong Kong Davis Cup Tennis
Arjun Oberoi (1975*-1985; Holmcroft)
International Hotelier
Dimitri Panayotopoulos (1963*-1970; Kingweston)
Vice Chairman-Global Household Care, Proctor and Gamble
Atul Patel (1962-1967; Shapwick)
Director Barclays Bank; OM of the Year 2001
Ronald Poon (1959-1960; Abbot's Leigh)
President of HK Institute of Architects
Patience Purdy (1947-1948; The Cottage)
President of the National Council of Women of Great Britain
David Rigg (1964-1966; Kingweston)
Communications Director, Camelot Group; Senior Partner, Project Associates
Anabel Sexton née Lewis (1980*-1987; Oaklands)
European Brands Communications Director, Taylor Made/Adidas
Ajit Singh (1957-1959; Chindit)
Industrialist, India
Beng-Tat Tan (1965-1969; Etonhurst)
Property Developer; Council Member of Singapore Chinese Chamber of Industry
Man-Kou Tan (1952-1955; Walton)
Senior Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Hong Kong
Jeh Wadia (1987-1990; Holmcroft)
Industrialist and Founder of Go Air India
Claire Walker (1976-1979; Day)
Managing Director Firefly Communications
Jonathan Warburton (1971-1976; Millfield)
Chairman Warburtons, Family Bakers
Community Work
Kenneth Carter (1955-1956; Day)
Founder of ten charitable and social enterprise companies for deaf and disabled young people
Laurence Davis (1974-1977; Hollies)
Variety Club Charity Work; OM of the Year 2008
Nick Gates (1983-1985; Day)
Founder of Coaches Across Continents Football Charity; OM of the Year 2013
Jeremy Gilley (1983-1984; Etonhurst)
Founder and Chairman of Peace One Day; OM of the Year 2011
John Graveney (1961*-1967; Hollies)
Service to Millfield Society
Kate Griggs née Alexander (1974*-1979; Day)
Downing Street Award for ‘Campaigner of the Year’ for work with Xtraordinary People; OM of the Year 2007
Timothy Lee (1969-1973; St Anne's)
Service to a rural community in The Gambia. OM of the Year 2004
Paul Lister (1971*-1977; Keinton)
Founder of Alladale Wilderness Park in Scotland and international eco-projects; OM of the Year 2012
Mark Pallis (1994-1996; Butleigh)
Founder and Patron of Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance; Barrister and story writer for ‘Garrow’s Law’ and children’s author
Meriel Rosser (1980*-1987; Day)
Co-ordinator in Darfur for Médecins Sans Frontières; OM of the Year 2005
John Senior (1973-1978; Shapwick)
Founder of "Heroes Welcome UK"
Andrew Taee (1971-1976; Day)
Fundraising Patron of Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens’ Charity; OM of the Year 2013
Thomas Vernon (1994-1997; Georgian Cottage)
Founder of "Right to Dream" Academies
Charles Burton (1955*-1960; Millfield)
First to circumnavigate the earth on foot from Pole to Pole
Sophie Dahl (1988-1990; Edgarley)
International Fashion Model
Chutima Durongdej (2002-2004; Abbey)
Miss Thailand Universe 2009; Miss Photogenic 2009
Jenny Flood née Brunt (1979*-1985; Day)
International Fashion Model
Benita Allen (1972-1976; Lakes)
Film Producer, California
Richard Allen (1965-1971; Hollies)
Television Producer "Friends", Warner Brothers, California
Lucy Bailey (1973-1978; Day)
Theatre Director; OM of the Year 2000
Jennifer Barraclough (1954-1955; Billet)
Film and Television Producer; Chairman of LEPRA and Grierson Trust; OM of the Year 2015
Jon Bentley (1972*-1978; Day)
Television Producer, Presenter and Journalist
Nicholas Blackburn (1958-1963; Kingweston)
Director of Really Useful Theatres, and Chairman of Queens Park Rangers Football Club
Edward Bye (1969-1974; St Anne's)
BBC Television Producer/Director
Jason Connery (1974*-1977; Joan's Kitchen)
Paul Davies (1981-1983; Hollies)
BBC Sports Executive Producer/Director; OM of the Year 2008
Terri Davies (1975*-1983; Day)
Executive Vice President, Sony Pictures
Dominic Dromgoole (1976-1981; Day)
Artistic Director of Globe Theatre; OM of the Year 2006
Jeremy Edwards (1982*-1989; Orchards)
Shelaagh Ferrell (1976*-1984; Warner)
Film Producer
Martin Hughes-Games (1970-1974; Etonhurst)
Natural History Programme Producer and TV Presenter
Wayne Michaels (1972-1977; Old Rectory High Ham)
Stuntman: winner of 'Best Movie Stunt of All Time' poll – James Bond’s bungee jump from a dam, in Golden Eye
Jonathan Mills (1963-1966; Kingweston)
Film and Television Producer, Scriptwriter and Author
James Nathan (1986-1991; Keen's Elm)
TV Master Chef winner 2008; OM of the Year 2008
Anthony Shang (1966-1970; Shapwick)
Television Producer, Hong Kong
John Standing (1949-1952; Kingweston)
Sarah Stirk (1994-1996; Warner)
Golf Presenter for Sky Sports
Jeremy Thomas (1962*-1967; Walton)
Chairman, the British Film Institute, Film Producer – 'The Last Emperor' (9 Oscars)... - and Director, - 'Crash'. OM of the Year 2007
Andrew Wright (1986*-1991; Day)
Theatre Choreographer; Olivier Award Nominee
Jan Younghusband (1970-1972; Southfield)
Head of BBC TV Music Commissioning
Isabella Burrell (1980-1981; Great House)
Sunday Times Travel Writer and Author
Rupert Christiansen (1968-1972; Millfield)
Journalist and Critic
Victoria Glendinning CBE (1954-1955; Wraxleigh)
Biographer, Novelist and Book Critic
Kaveh Golestan (1963*-1967; Old Rectory High Ham)
Award-winning Photo-Journalist
Sharon Hendry (1987-1993; Day)
Investigative Journalist and Author; OM of the Year 2011
Patrick Lane (1972*-1981; St Anne's)
Finance Editor of The Economist
Simon Mawer (1964-1967; Shapwick)
Author; short-listed for Man Booker Prize; OM of the Year 2010
Max Milligan (1974*-1983; Holmcroft)
Photographic Travel Journalist, Lecturer and Writer
Martin Page (1956-1957)
Foreign Correspondent. Founder of Business Traveller Magazine. Author, Active Campaigner for Rights of the Blind
Michael Ridpath (1973-1978; Mill House)
Banker and Novelist; OM of the Year 2001
Roland Rudd (1970*-1979; Holmcroft)
Journalist and Financier
John Sergeant (1957-1962; Kingweston)
BBC Chief Political Correspondent; OM of the Year 2002
Dr Richardson Ajayi (1980-1983; Etonhurst)
Director, Bridge Clinic, Lagos, Nigeria; OM of the Year 2001
Mohammed Al-Ibrahim (1957-1962; Shapwick)
Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine; Executive Chief of Staff, VA Maryland Health Care System
Robert Clark (1960-1965; Etonhurst)
Emeritus Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry at King’s College, London
Paul Davies (1978-1980; Millfield)
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Andrew Foster, CBE (1965*-1973; Glaston Tor)
Director of Human Resources, NHS
Thomas Harrison (1971*-1978; Day)
Joint Head of the Infection and Immunity Research Institute and Professor of Infectious Diseases and Medicine; St George’s Hospital, London
Sarah Jarvis (1971*-1979; Warner)
GP and TV/Radio Advisory Doctor; OM of the Year 2015
Dato Johar (1955-1960; Kingweston)
Former Minister of Health, Brunei
Kai Kermani (1958-1960; Abbot's Leigh)
Scientist, holistic general practitioner
Keith McAdam (1963-1963; Millfield)
Wellcome Professor of Tropical Medicine, London University; Director of the Medical Institutes in Africa; OM of the Year 2008
Peter Openshaw (1962*-1971; Day)
Head, Section of Respiratory Infections, Imperial College, London; Fellow of Academy of Medical Services; Professor of Experimental Medicine
Paul Richardson (1973*-1980; Orchards)
Asssociate Professor of Oncology, Harvard University
Katrina Wood née Herbert (1969-1973; Johnson's)
Psychologist and Author. Proprietor of Therapy Centres in Los Angeles
Michael Charlton-Weedy (1960*-1968; Walton)
Chief Executive of the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College
Mark Milligan (1968*-1978; Mill House)
Stephen Stopford (1950-1952; Kingweston)
Director General for Fighting Vehicles and Engineer Equipment; Defence Consultant
Music & The Arts
Lily Allen (1996*-1997; Edgarley)
Singer/Songwriter, named Best Solo Artist at the NME Awards 2014
Guy Bennett (1987-1989; St Anne's)
Senior Vice President, Head of Impressionist and Modern Art Department, Christie’s and Chief of Acquisitions and Collections for Qatar Museum; OM of the Year 2015
Antony Blackburn (1956-1959; Millfield)
Disc Jockey
Claire Briggs (1979-1984; Orchard Leigh)
Principal Horn, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Stewart Copeland (1967-1969; Orchards)
Founder of The Police pop group and film composer; International Polo Player; OM of the Year 2008
Peter Curling (1970-1972; Millfield)
Irish Sporting Artist
Susanna Eastburn (1985-1987; Acacia)
Artistic Director of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
Patrick Kiernan (1975-1980; Holmcroft)
Leader of the Brindisi String Quartet
Abi Kuku (1987-1992; Etonhurst)
Soul-jazz Singer
Ella McMahon (2005*-2010; Abbey)
Richard Morris (1972-1976; Millfield)
Opera Singer
Marc Quinn (1978-1982; Ivythorn)
International Sculptor. OM of the Year 2006
Cleve West (1974-1977; Orchards)
Garden Designer and Writer. Twice Gold Medal Winner at Chelsea. OM of the Year 2007
Alistair Ainslie (1959-1962; Etonhurst)
High Sheriff, East Sussex
Sultan Ghalib Al-Qu’iaiti (1962-1966; Shapwick)
Sultan of the Qu'aiti State of Hadhramaut, Yemen
Ali Allawi (1961-1964; Etonhurst)
Iraq’s post-war Minister of Finance, Defence and Trade; Author; OM of the Year 2012
Izad-Ryan Bahrin (1988-1990; Millfield)
Former Attorney-General and Minister of Law, Brunei
Roger Bird (1950-1956; Day)
Author; Judge; President of the Association of District Judges
Michael Brougham and Vaux (1952-1957; Walton)
President, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents; Deputy Speaker House of Lords; Deputy Chairman of Committee
Rose D'Sa (1974-1976; Oaklands)
Authority on European Law; Member of the Economic and Social Committee of the EC
William Flynn (1965-1969; Glaston Tor)
Member of 50th State Parliament, Queensland, Australia
David Heath (1963*-1972; Day)
MP for Somerton and Frome; OM of the Year 2010
Richard Hickmet (1963-1966; St Anne's)
Barrister and formerly MP for Glandford and Scunthorpe
Margot James (1970-1975; Ashcott)
MP for Stourbridge; Minister for Digital and Creative Industries
Ruth Kelly (1979*-1981; Edgarley)
MP for Bolton; Secretary of State for Transport
Peter Kemp (1947-1949; Holmcroft)
Senior Civil Servant
William Le Breton (1967-1970; Shapwick)
Political and Strategic Adviser to the Liberal Democrat Party
Charlotte Leslie (1995-1996; Acacia)
MP for Bristol North West
Ian Liddell-Grainger (1972-1977; Hornblotton)
MP for Bridgwater
Hugh Lindsay (1967-1971; Glaston Tor)
Equerry to Her Majesty the Queen
Barbara Mensah (1975-1977; Kernick)
First Circuit Judge of African Origin; OM of the Year 2009.
Clare Montgomery (1970-1975; Portway)
Barrister in Grays Inn; Deputy High Court Judge; English International Fencer; OM of the Year 2013
Haji Munap (1958*-1963; Orchards)
Former Deputy Minister of Finance, Brunei
Adnan Noon (1988-1990; Georgian Cottage)
Member of Pakistan Parliament
Niphon Promphan (1969-1970; Orchards)
Secretary-General to Prime Minister of Thailand
Julian Smith (1987-1989; Shapwick)
MP for Skipton and Ripon
Awwal Tukur (1981-1984; Georgian Cottage)
Member of Nigerian Parliament
Ben Wallace (1983-1988; Day)
MP for Wyre and Preston North; Minister of State for Security
Peter Wong (1954*-1957; Edgarley)
Legislative Councillor and Founding Chairman of Open University, Hong Kong
Sultan Zayed (1968-1972; Millfield)
Deputy Prime Minister, United Arab Emirates
Alia Al Hussein (1970-1972; Southfield)
HRH Prince Al Walid Bin Saud (1968*-1975; Etonhurst)
HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn (1966-1970; Millfield)
Sport - Administration
Timothy Fok (1960-1965; Orchards)
President of Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, President of Hong Kong Football Association; Member of Hong Kong Government; OM of the Year 2004
Stephen Hamer (1962*-1969; Millfield)
Chairman of Bristol Rovers Football Club
Sport - Athletics
Mary Bignal Rand (1955-1958; Day)
Great Britain Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallist for Athletics 1964; Lifetime Achievement Award 2012
Julie Dibens née Ricketts (1986*-1993; Warner)
Olympic Triathlete 2004; four times World Champion Xterra; OM of the Year 2010
Arthur Lanigan O'Keeffe (2008-2010; Holmcroft)
Ireland Olympic Modern Pentathlon 2012
Dominic Mahony (1977-1982; Holmcroft)
Modern Pentathlon Olympic and World Championship Bronze Medallist
John McFall (1994-1997; Orchards)
Olympic Bronze Medal 100m T42. OM of the Year 2008
Tobias Mews (1990-1995; Orchards)
Top British finisher in the 26th Marathon des Sables
Carl Myerscough (1996-1998; Georgian Cottage)
Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal for England in Men’s Shot Putt and United Kingdom Record Holder
Jazmin Sawyers (2010-2012; Acacia)
Commonwealth Team England 2014; Silver Medallist, Long Jump
Kirsty Wade née McDermott (1978-1980; Oaklands)
Triple Commonwealth Gold Medallist
Sport - Canoeing
James Taylor-Ross (1977-1982; Joan's Kitchen)
GB International Canoeist
Sport - Cricket
Dean Cosker (1991-1996; Millfield)
England A Cricket International
David Graveney (1965*-1971; Kingweston)
Chairman, England Cricket Selectors. OM of the Year 2004
Benjamin Hollioake (1989*-1992; Millfield)
England Cricket International
Simon Jones (1995-1997; Georgian Cottage)
England Cricket International; OM of the Year 2006
Craig Kieswetter (2006-2006; Orchards)
England Cricket International
Ana Punchihewa (1967-1971; Kingweston)
President Board of Control for Cricket, Sri Lanka
Peter Roebuck (1968-1973; Day)
Captain Somerset CCC, Sunday Times Cricket Correspondent
Paul Terry (1972-1977; Keinton)
England Cricket International
Ian Ward (1986-1991; St Anne's)
England Cricket International; Television Cricket Commentator
Sport - Fencing
Sophie Williams (2007-2009; Martins)
Great Britain Olympic Fencing Team 2012
Sport - Golf
Brian Barnes (1959-1963; Kingweston)
Ryder and World Cup Golfer and Captain of Great Britain
Malcolm Gregson (1957-1960; Millfield)
Ryder, World Cup and European Seniors’ Tour Golf Professional; PGA Champion
Michael King (1965-1967; Millfield)
Member of British Walker and Ryder Cup Golf Teams
Garth McGimpsey (1972-1974; St Anne's)
Captain of the Great Britain and Ireland Walker Cup Team; OM of the Year 2003
Mark Mouland (1973-1976; Mill House)
Professional Golfer; youngest ever winner of the British Boys Championship
Sport - Hockey
Steve Batchelor (1975-1979; Butleigh)
Great Britain Olympic Gold Medal, Hockey
Tom Bertram (1987*-1995; Millfield)
Great Britain Olympic and England Hockey Teams
Cemlyn Foulkes (1963-1968; Kingweston)
Great Britain Hockey Team and Welsh Captain
Jerome Goudie (1993-1995; Holmcroft)
Great Britain Hockey and Hong Kong Squash International
Ian Haley (2001-2002; Keen's Elm)
South African Olympic Hockey Team 2012
Robert Hill (1981-1986; Keen's Elm)
Great Britain Olympic and England, Hockey
Jason Laslett (1982-1987; Ivythorn)
Great Britain Olympic and England Hockey Captain
Steven Long (1967-1970; Chindit)
Great Britain Olympic Hockey Team
David Luckes (1980*-1987; Day)
Great Britain Triple Olympian and Bronze Medal, Hockey; OM of the Year 2009
Richard Mantell (1992*-1999; Day)
Great Britain Olympic and England Hockey Teams
Simon Mantell (1994*-2002; Day)
Great Britain Olympic and England Hockey Teams
Christina Schutze (1999-2000; Southfield)
German Olympic Hockey Team 2012
Robert Watson (1950-1954; Orchards)
President of the Great Britain Olympic Hockey Board; OM of the Year 2002
Sport - Horse Racing
Ian Balding (1957-1959; Chindit)
Racehorse Trainer to the Queen
William Hern (1939-1940; Millfield)
Racehorse Trainer to the Queen
Rachel Hood (1970-1971; The Cottage)
President of the Racehorse Owners' Association and Mayor of Newmarket 2014-15
Warren Marston (1984-1987; St Anne's)
National Hunt Jockey
Sport - Motor Racing
Sam Bird (2003-2005; Kingweston)
Formula GP2 Racing Driver
Amanda Stretton (1986-1987; Warner)
Motorsport and Travel TV Presenter and ASCA Racing Driver
Sport - Netball
Pam Cookey (2001-2003; Martins)
Captain of England Netball Team; OM of the Year 2012
Sport - Polo
Claire Tomlinson (1960-1962; Billet)
England Ladies Polo International
Sport - Powerboat Racing
Shelley Jory-Leigh (1987-1989; Johnson's)
Great Britain Powerboat Racing Representative
Sport - Rowing
Jane Fisher (1983-1985; Acacia)
World Indoor Rowing Champion
Helen Glover (2002-2004; Martins)
Great Britain Olympic Gold Medallist 2012 , Women’s Rowing Pairs; OM of the Year 2012
Sarah Winckless MBE (1990-1992; Orchard Leigh)
Great Britain Rowing Team 1990; OM of the Year 2005
Sport - Rugby
Anthony Allen (2003-2005; Kingweston)
England Rugby International
Gareth Edwards (1964-1966; Millfield)
British Lions and Wales Rugby Captain; Member of Millfield Schools’ Board of Governors; OM of the Year 2007
Richard Harding (1968-1971; Shapwick)
England Rugby Captain
Jonathan Joseph (2007-2009; St Anne's)
England and Bath Rugby Player
John Mallett (1983-1988; Orchards)
England Rugby International
Oliver Morgan (1999-2004; St Anne's)
England Rugby International
Chris Oti (1982-1983; St Anne's)
England Rugby International
Matt Perry (1998*-1995; Orchards)
British Lions and England Rugby International; OM of the Year 2001
Chris Robshaw (1997*-2004; Butleigh)
Captain of England Rugby Team 2011/12, 2013/2014 and Premiership Player of the Season 2012/13; OM of the Year 2012
Mako Vunipola (2007-2009; Kingweston)
British Lions and England Rugby Player; OM of the Year 2013
John Williams (1966-1967; Millfield)
British Lions and Wales Rugby Captain; Consultant Surgeon
Sport - Sailing
Christopher Law (1966-1971; Rookery)
4 x Great Britain Olympic and World Champion, Sailing
Sport - Shooting
Peter Wilson (2000-2005; Holmcroft)
Great Britain Olympic Gold Medallist 2012, Men’s Double Trap Shooting; OM of the Year Award 2012
Sport - Squash
Joey Barrington (1985*-1997; Day)
England Squash International; Television Commentator
Marwan El Shorbagy (2007-2011; Great House)
Egyptian Squash International
Mohamed El Shorbagy (2006-2009; Great House)
Egyptian Squash International; World No 1; OM of the Year 2015
Peter Marshall (1986-1987; Shapwick)
Finalist in the World Squash Open Championships
Sport - Swimming
James Disney-May (2005-2010; Butleigh)
Great Britain Olympic Swimming 2012
Joanna Fargus (1992*-1997; Warner)
Great Britain Olympic Swimmer and Commonwealth Gold and Silver Medallist
Mark Foster (1983-1986; Millfield)
Great Britain Olympic Swimmer and World Champion; OM of the Year 2006
Duncan Goodhew (1970-1975; Walton)
Great Britain Olympic Gold Medal, Swimming. OM of the Year 2011
James Guy (2008*-2014; Great)
Commonwealth Team England 2014 Gold and Bronze Medallist, Swimming; OMoY 2017
Neil Harper (1979-1984; Millfield)
Great Britain Olympic Swimming Finalist. Olympic Team Captain. Coach of South African Olympic Team
Paul Howe (1983-1986; Shapwick)
Great Britain Olympic Bronze Medal, Swimming
Lorna Tonks (2001*-2002; Edgarley)
Commonwealth Team Australia 2014 Gold and Silver Medallist, Swimming
Sport - Tennis
Andrew Castle (1976-79; Day)
British Davis Cup and Sky Sports presenter
Charlotte Cornwallis (1988-1990; Overleigh)
Ladies Real Tennis Champion
Mark Cox (1958-1962; Chindit)
British Davis Cup Player and Coach, and Television Tennis Commentator
Paul Hutchins (1961-1963; Etonhurst)
Davis Cup Player; Former Head of Men’s Tennis LTA; OM of the Year 2009.
Andrew Jarrett (1969*-1975; Millfield)
Davis Cup Player; Wimbledon Championships Referee
Purav Raja (1997*-2003; Butleigh)
India Tennis Singles Champion 2006
Nigel Sears (1973-1975; Orchards)
International Tennis Player and Coach. Great Britain Federation Cup Captain
Sport - Winter Sports
Keith Power (1982-1984; Millfield)
Great Britain Bobsleigh Team 1985-87; GB Olympic Bobsleigh Team Head Coach
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